17 Nov, 2021
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This will read out loud the alerts for any indicator you have running on any MT4 platform running on your computer.
You can use any text-to-speech software that is free or paid for like TextAloud 4 at nextup.com.

Please install this EA and the DLL file into the MT4 just like installing a normal EA. check the “Allow DLL Imports” option on the EA properties window when you attach the EA into a chart.

When attached, the EA will copy the latest alert into the clipboard. There are two input variables.

1. ‘Allow Monitor On’:
This setting will allow you to get all alerts from all running MT4 platforms without installing the EA on multiple MT4 platforms. If you select “All running MT4s” option, the EA will copy all the alerts from all opened MT4 platforms.

2. ‘Display Alert On’:
This setting allows you to display the last received alert as a comment or log.

To be able to hear what it is saying you need a Text To Speech reader that you can either buy or get for Free. You must set it to “Watch Clipboard” if that is one of the settings so that it read the alerts to you out loud. 

If you are having any trouble making your purchase or installing this, you can email us at support@makeitmoveitfx.com or call us at any time at +1(754)267-0460.


The Alerts Reader EA is capable of vocalizing alerts from all your MT4 platforms when used in tandem with a text-to-speech software, which can be either purchased or obtained for free online.