I created this page to effectively convey my proposal and offer a more engaging presentation of the details.


I am in search of an upscale waterfront setting for my trading activities and client meetings as I expand my team of salespeople.

  • Must be a single-family property.
  • A key requirement is the absence of a homeowners association (HOA) with restrictions on gatherings or parking vehicles in front of the house
  • I plan to purchase a property in the next 12 months. Once I secure the required number of clients for my program, I’ll have the financial means to make the purchase. In the meantime, I’m in need of a suitable location for hosting meetings and networking events to meet with those clients. Achieving 100 clients will result in a monthly income exceeding $100,000, making the property purchase easily achievable.

My trading consistently yields over 100% per week on average, despite the current limitation in my capital.
In return, I offer the opportunity for you to replicate my trades using an automatic trade copier.

For a glimpse of my trading performance, you can click on the verified results below:


Please refrain from sending text messages or emails regarding this arrangement in a manner that could be interpreted as insulting. I am currently leasing a home for my family and managing various financial commitments. If your communication is irrelevant or unhelpful, kindly navigate away from this page. If this is not within your capabilities, please continue on without further engagement.


I am a seasoned FOREX trader seeking a serene trading environment. I currently reside in West Miramar in Riviera Isles, and the lively atmosphere created by my children consistently generates background noise, hampering my ability to focus. Despite the challenges of my current temporary location, my returns have consistently surpassed 100% weekly since the relocation. However, I am eager to secure a more favorable space to further boost my earnings.

In addition to optimizing my trading conditions, I am also looking for a location that allows me to grow my business by meeting with clients. Unfortunately, my current residence is governed by an association that prohibits such meetings. This request is open to anyone interested in mutual financial success, as my trading capital is limited. I propose sharing my successful strategies through an auto trade copier in exchange for temporary use of your property as I expand my client base.

Currently, I am actively promoting my services to attract clients and, therefore, need a conducive space that provides flexibility for hosting visitors. An inspiring view is essential for fostering the right trading mindset.

Giovanni Fleury

Phone: +1(754)267-0460

email: webmaster@makeitmoveitfx.com



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