Introducing the MIMI FX BOTS NASDAQ 100 Auto Trader, a specialized trading tool designed exclusively for trading NASDAQ 100 with a trading bot.  The outstanding performance of our system has been thoroughly verified by MyFxBook, highlighting its superiority over manual trading methods. Once you have set up the Auto Trader, no further action is required on your part. 

Mars InSight Landing (NHQ201811260100)

NASDQ 100 Auto Trader Live Stream

We have two versions available for the Autotrader EA, designed exclusively for MT4:

These bots exhibit flexibility and are applicable across various time frames, ranging from as brief as 5 minutes and extending further.  The ongoing live stream showcases multiple 5-minute charts, effectively illustrating the bots’ real-time capabilities.

1. The standard version, priced at $5,000, is limited to only 10 sales and does not offer viewable or editable source code. Please note that this price will soon increase to $15,000.
2. The premium, editable version, priced at $15,000, is restricted to the first 10 buyers and comes with viewable and editable source code. Soon, this price will rise to $45,000.

3. We offer a FREE MT4 bot setup on your VPS. You can get a Windows VPS at:

PayPal offers a “Buy Now Pay Later” option for those who prefer it. With this option, you can make a purchase now and choose to pay for it at a later date.

It’s important to emphasize that both versions are tailored for experienced traders who possess a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with leveraged trading.

Adjustable Settings in MT4

The settings provided here are identical to those currently employed in both the account displayed on this page and the live stream. You have the freedom to modify these settings as desired. They are accessible in two versions of Auto Trader: one where the code remains hidden and another where the code is editable.



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