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– Unlock thousands of dollars’ worth of software for FREE upon joining our team.
– Access the Alerts Reader for MT4, which audibly communicates alerts for insightful analysis of market directions.
– Receive the Market Time Master Software to optimize your trading strategy.
– Benefit from our custom MIMI FX indicators for a comprehensive trading experience.

Achieve consistent profitability with our Price Action Indicator! Throughout your trading endeavors, rely on our specialized indicators to analyze price action within a brief 15 to 25-second timeframe. These tools, available for Ensign Windows and MT4, empower you to discern market direction with heightened precision, ensuring a strategic edge in your trades.

Some of the tools you will receive for FREE as Team Members


Utilizing Ensign Software, as illustrated in the chart below, you can find the necessary links at You will be responsible for the monthly service charges of $49.95 for Ensign, opting for the month-to-month plan initially. Group discounts may be explored when we gather sufficient participants. Visit; ensure you acquire Ensign Windows, not Ensign 10.

We will email you the required templates. The primary tool for identifying precise entry and exit times in trades is the reversal time pattern software. Though valued at $2,500, we are pleased to provide this software to you completely FREE of charge.


Flexibility is key in our trading approach, allowing each team member to operate during their preferred hours. Our goal is to maintain 24-hour market coverage, fostering communication among those active at the same time to collaboratively decide on trades and directions. Trading occurs round the clock, ensuring comprehensive market monitoring.

To optimize efficiency, we’ll identify team members’ familiarity with specific currencies and preferred trading hours. Responsibilities for tracking and coordinating currency pairs will be assigned accordingly. Our aim is to have a minimum of 4 individuals constantly monitoring each currency pair, promoting collaboration and consensus-based decision-making.

Utilizing Telegram, we’ll broadcast timely messages to alert the team about current trading opportunities. This collaborative effort is tailored for experienced Forex traders, yet individuals with limited experience can partake by enrolling in my intensive one-on-one course. This ensures they acquire the necessary knowledge to contribute effectively, allowing them to join the team either immediately or at a later stage.

As a united team, we commit to supporting one another on our financial journeys, working together to achieve our desired financial goals.


Before joining our trading team, participate in one of our virtual trader training classes. These classes are conducted online and provide comprehensive insights.

Our training sessions utilize Skype and Telegram for real-time interaction, ensuring flexibility to accommodate your schedule. With your enrollment, you’ll receive valuable software worth thousands of dollars for free.

Included in the package:

  • Alerts Reader for MT4: An auditory tool that vocalizes alerts, aiding in discerning the direction of various instruments.
  • Market Time Master Software: Enhance your trading strategy with this powerful software.
  • Custom MIMI FX Indicators: Featuring a Trailing Stop bot, Button Close Buy Sell for swift trade closure, and other practical tools.
  • MIMI FX BOTS Trade Receiver: Facilitating automatic execution of trades on your account from our trading bots and professional traders.

This comprehensive package equips you with essential tools and resources to elevate your trading expertise.

Meditation For Traders

Prepare for your trading journey with a moment of meditation. Consider these recommended sessions:

  1. Master The Trading Day – Positive I AM Affirmations for Traders
  2. 1-Hour Positive Trading Affirmations
  3. 60 Positive Affirmations While You Sleep
  4. Forex Trader Affirmations | Program Your Mind For Trading Success

Engaging in these affirmations will help set a positive mindset and mental framework for successful trading.

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