11 Dec, 2023
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$7,000.00 / 6 Months every 6 months


Automated Trade Copying Software for MT4 and MT5 – 6-Month Subscription with Automatic Renewal.

Our subscription model is designed for a hassle-free trading experience, featuring a six-month commitment that will be automatically renewed unless canceled before the renewal date. Upon expiration, your subscription will automatically renew unless a cancellation is requested.

For optimal performance, please ensure that your selected broker maintains spreads within the specified limits: 120 points for NASDAQ and 3 pips for Forex.

It is important to note that symbols representing NASDAQ 100 and specific Forex pairs on your platform may vary from those on our designated broker, EagleFX. To address this, our system allows you to customize copier settings, providing flexibility to align your symbols with those used by our bot on EagleFX’s platform.

Upon download, you’ll receive the MIMI FX BOTS installer for MT4 or MT5.

Comprehensive instructions for utilizing the MIMI FX Bots are incorporated within this download.