31 Jan, 2022
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Beginner Trading Course. If you have very little to no experience trading Forex and Crypto you will need to take this course before you can join the MIMI FX Trading Team.

The training will be on using Skype and Telegram. It will be in real-time and we will work around your schedule.

  1. We will give you $2,700 worth of software for free with your purchase.
  2. You will receive the Alerts Reader for MT4 which reads out loud all alerts that can help you figure out which way all instruments are going.
  3. You will receive our Market Time Master Software
  4. You will also receive our custom MIMI FX indicators which include a Trailing Stop bot, Button Close Buy Sell for quickly closing trades, and other useful tools.
  5. You will also receive MIMI FX BOTS trade receiver to allow you to receive trades that will automatically be done for you on your account from our trading bots and our professional traders.